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November 12, 2021
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Importance of Digital Presence for Restaurants

In a pre-COVID-19 world, many restaurants were able to get away with not having a digital presence. Once lockdowns occurred, many restaurants realized that they needed a way to update customers with the latest policies and allow customers to order their meals online and pick up their food in a safe, contactless manner. Many restaurants had to scramble to find solutions and keep their businesses afloat amid the uncertainty COVID-19 brought to the restaurant industry. Thus, reinforcing the need for a digital presence to keep in touch with customers and provide customers avenues to do business with their establishment in all ways possible.

Here are 3 reasons why all restaurants need a digital presence. 

  1. Communication
    Since physical interactions between customers and restaurants have been reduced to a minimum, many restaurants have had to use a digital forum of some sort to update their customers.  Implementing a website was the first step for many, followed by regularly scheduled social media content, email marketing blasts, and SMS marketing. Many restaurants have branched out into building their own app as a way to communicate with guests while also offering them incentives via a loyalty program to keep guests engaged with their brand over their competitors. Communication is key to staying top of mind among consumers and keeping them coming back to your restaurant.
  1. Delivery & Pick-Up Options
    COVID-19 shifted the way consumers order food from mostly in-store to primarily online only at the start of the pandemic. Without a digital presence in the online ordering space, many restaurants were left rushing to pick up the pieces at the very last minute to find and implement a solution. With the shift to online, it drove restaurants to seek online ordering solutions as well as implement both delivery and curbside pickup options to ensure their customers felt safe in receiving their food. Since the start of the pandemic, there has been an overwhelming increase in the number of restaurants that have opted to offer online delivery and pick-up options for their customers to cater to this online shift. In fact, according to Upserve, “60% of U.S. consumers order delivery or takeout once a week.” 
  1. Increased Online Discovery
    Most people find new places to eat by searching the internet or other platforms like Yelp. If someone cannot find out more information about a restaurant while browsing online, it is a lost opportunity to gain a new customer. By simply adding social media profiles and a Google Business profile, a business can help a curious customer find their restaurant and become a new customer. Additionally, having a website with more details about your business, menu, ordering options, etc.. can help drive more awareness and revenue to your establishment. It is also important to regularly check and update information shared to online platforms so customers have the most accurate information about relevant business details like hours of operation. 

Having a digital presence is crucial in today’s technology-driven world, and ensuring your business has the key pieces in place to allow guests to not only find your restaurant but also be able to engage with your brand will set your restaurant up for success in the digital space. The RSCHire team can implement the key technology your business needs to keep up with the ever-growing digital landscape. Contact RSCHire today!

Written by Kelli

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