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November 26, 2021
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Benefits of Remote Work

The in-office 9 to 5 office experience has seen quite a shift since the start of COVID-19. To keep business running as usual, many companies opted for remote work to allow for social distancing and minimized contact among employees. While this was a huge shift for employees and employers, there were quite a few benefits for both parties. 

Three benefits of remote working for employees:

  1. Freedom and Self-Regulation
    Now that the cubicle environment has been removed, employees can pick where they work and when they work. This has given many the option to spend more time with their families, attend medical appointments, and have a clear distinction in work/life balance. The added self-regulation to one’s workload additionally empowers an employee to feel trusted and adds to more job satisfaction. 
  1. Cost Savings
    A daily commute can be expensive for many employees. In 2019, the Census reported that the average one-way commute in the United States had increased to a new high of about 27.6 minutes which can add up to running through your fuel tank pretty quickly. By saving on the travel costs and the potential for reducing childcare costs with parents at home, many families can keep more dollars in their pockets by working from home and extend the life of their vehicles with less time on the road.
  1. Time Savings
    Employees can be more productive and rested since removing their taxing commute. Instead of sitting in traffic in the morning and after a long workday, many can sleep in a little longer and start work with a refreshed and clear mind. With the additional time in their day, many employees have been able to deliver on deadlines in a more timely manner and take breaks when needed to stay energized and productive throughout the workday.

Three Benefits of remote working for employers: 

  1. Cost Savings
    Without the need for an official office building, many companies have been able to cut their overhead costs on rent, utilities, building maintenance, office equipment, furniture, etc. The savings on the office building alone has allowed for some employers to increase employee salaries to help with employee retention and employee satisfaction.
  1. Talent
    By removing a physical office location, the world has become the pool of talent for many businesses to widen their net to find the perfect addition to their team. In fact, many employers have opted to hire out of state and even out of the country if the role fits and works for both parties. With the robust communication channels existing today, it makes communicating across the country and world with colleagues easy and simple to keep projects moving forward thus making remote work more prominent and preferred among workers. After working from home for over a year due to the pandemic, many employees are looking for ways to keep working from home, making the pool of potential new hires bigger each day.
  1. Productivity
    Now that meetings have been moved to virtual spaces like Zoom or Google Hangouts, many have realized the importance of being productive within their allotted scheduled time. Shorter, and more efficient meetings have led to many employees having more time to be productive with the tasks they need to complete in a day. 

With remote work becoming more of the norm these days, your business can benefit from implementing remote work as well as expanding your range of talent to hire. A pool of talented remote working specialists are at your fingertips with a few clicks. Contact RSCHire today for your remote hire needs!

Written by Isabella

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